HTML 5: Do Flash Developers need to Worry?

13 07 2011
Beware Flash Developers

Flash Vs Html5

Since there is a long duration for the release of new HTML and its effect on web- forums, blogs, communities and comments have started discussing opportunity and threat attributed to this new change.

One of the many discussions is that, “Flash developers are afraid of HTML5”or “HTML5 will kill Flash”. HTML5 means that much of what has previously only been possible to do in Flash can now be made directly in the browser, without using a plug-in.

HTML5 introduces many powerful new possibilities such as canvas-tag and the video tag. Combined with faster execution of JavaScript, and advanced designs using CSS3 gives this opportunity to create experiences right in your browser, which previously only been done in Flash.

The simplest and most common, counter-argument is that the standardization of HTML5 is not yet finalized and that will be long before all browsers have adequate support. Therefore, it can dismiss HTML5 because it is not useful in a commercial context. It is of course a lot of truth in the allegation, but the development of the browser is much faster today than few years ago. The browsers also have a greater focus on implementing standards, which makes them a greater degree to serve the same function as they historically have done. There is also a great willingness and a great need in those who develop online services that take advantage of new technology to make better and more efficient services.

So why should you as a Flash developer in this case do not fear HTML5? Because HTML5 is just another technique to create the same experience as you already are doing with Flash today. Many of the skills you have acquired in Flash over the years, you can use directly in HTML5. The same problems and difficulties you face today in a flash project also exists in HTML5. Furthermore, based on ECMA JavaScript scripts like ActionScript.

Does that mean that Flash will be irrelevant in a few years? No, I do not think so. Flash’s role has always been to be at the forefront and offer solutions that can be used today instead of in a few years. Many see Video tag in HTML5 as a revolution when in fact it was possible to play video in Flash since version 6. Without Flash, we had yet to see sites like Hulu, Youtube and others. There are things you can do in Flash today that does not even appear in the specification of HTML5, and HTML5 until the standard is finalized, the Flash have had time for a few more versions and have had more unique features not found in HTML5.

As a flash lover, I believe you possess a unique range of skills that enables you already have an edge when it comes to HTML5. It is about creating better experiences. Way there is less interesting.




4 responses

13 07 2011

Hope Flash discover something new which again attracts developer for same

13 07 2011

As for my opinion, Flash developers don’t need to worry about anything, as Flash delivers more possibilities both for website owners and users.
Flash will overtop static web pages.

14 07 2011
Rishi K

according to me, using flash in browser needs an overhead plugin, what if in case of emergency u wanna view any page containing flash and plugin is not available in u r PC. i would prefer HTML 5

6 08 2011

The first nail in the Flash coffin appeared on August 1 with the release of Adobe Edge. Finally there is a well designed HTLM5 tool to replace obsolete and goofy 20 year old Flash.

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